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Local Authorities

Each Council carries out regular reviews and assessments of air quality in their area. This is done against standards and objectives in the Air Quality Strategy for England which sets out national air quality objectives for the protection of human health..

Local authorities are required to submit Annual Status Reports to Defra. Annual Status Reports provide an overview of Air Quality within the area, identify actions that have been undertaken to improve air quality and to consider new air quality monitoring data. Council’s compile these reports in accordance with the Local Air Quality Monitoring (LAQM) Policy and Technical Guidance..

The lists below show the Annual Status Reports and other documents produced by the Council to comply with this statutory duty. Please select a document from this list to find out further information..

Title Date pub. Author(s)
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2018 Annual Status Report Maldon District Council 01.06.2018 Tim Savage
2017 Air Quality Annual Status Report Maldon 01.07.2017 Tim Savage
2016 Air Quality Annual Status Report for Maldon 01.06.2016 Tim Savage
2015 Updating & Screening Assessment Maldon 21.05.2015 Rachel Hicks (AMEC FW)
Maldon District Council LAQM Progress Report 2014 17.04.2014 Tim Savage
Maldon District Council LAQM Progress Report 2013 01.05.2013 Shirley Hall
2012 Updating and Screening Assessment for Maldon District Council 01.10.2012 Shirley Hall

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